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Poem for Sunday, Deadpool, Allen Pond Park

Paris Winter
By Howard Altmann

That we can breathe and not forget
our dreams entirely. In the cold sun

the warmth of timelessness. There is
panic, rest assured, so much beauty

stirring, I want to touch all that
contains me. We know the questions

and the light shifts without a word.
In the clouds, a philosopher’s chair

rocks. In the riverbed, the buff
and lathe of stones, change glistening

past. And from the afternoon, drops
of her monthly blood drip down

the stairs, the kitchen table, all of her
unopened bills, a cold floor that timed

us. O, the ins and outs of memory
breathe, too, images at rest in the dark

chambers, the gilded daylight whir
a heart’s dusting—one walkup,

one post storm quiet blinking at
infinity. Who shot the moon

and claimed victory in the morning?
The constellations touch down;

the years collapse; the boom
and bust of love lowers the crane

at dawn: in what earth, in what sky
will the soul find its keeper?


I have had a very nice, very full Saturday! We went to Annapolis in the mid-morning to meet Heather, Karen, and Jim for lunch at Red Robin and to see the extremely funny Deadpool. It's hard for me to talk about everything I appreciated about it without spoilers, but let me just mention 1) Hugh Jackman references, 2) fourth wall smashing, and 3) heteroflexibility.

After the movie, we drove back around the Beltway, took a walk at Allen Pond Park, and headed to College Park, where we had texted younger son to find out whether we could take him out to dinner. We took him to Aroyo Thai and shared veggie dishes, then we dropped him off to study and came home, where we watched the end of the first season of Bones and the beginning of the second.

Seagulls trying to snatch food at Allen Pond Park.

A boy, a dog, and a puppy.

We walked down a muddy hill to watch this turtle sunning...

...a few feet away from a beaver lodge and several gnawed trees...

...enjoying the 60-degree temperatures.

It's the wrong season for boats at the boat launch but it's still pretty.

University of Maryland's McKeldin Mall at sunset.

And from earlier in the day, myself and Paul being X-Men.

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