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Poem for Thursday, The Big Short, Shenandoah Costumes

Final Farewell
By Tom Clark

Great moment in Blade Runner where Roy
Batty is expiring, and talks
about how everything
he’s seen will die with him —
ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion,
sea-beams glittering before
the Tannhauser Gates.

Memory is like molten gold
burning its way through the skin
it stops there.
There is no transfer.
Nothing I have seen
will be remembered
beyond me.
That merciful cleaning
of the windows of creation
will be an excellent thing
my interests notwithstanding.

But then again I've never been
near Orion, or the Tannhauser

I've only been here.


I had a crazy busy but good Wednesday! I got up early to try to get work done, then went to what was supposed to be an 11 a.m. appointment for my annual physical, though I didn't see a nurse till I'd been waiting for an hour and didn't see the doctor till even later (I adore my doctor but am really not fond of the practice, from the bureaucracy -- which has been the same under three different insurance plans -- to the not-always-working parking gate, which did not want to let me leave today). At least I had lunch plans at Founding Farmers with Linda and Stephanie, friends from high school who were patient with my lateness!

Paul and I went for a short walk when I finally got home. Then Angela and her sister Katie came over, we ordered Domino's, and we all watched The Big Short since they hadn't seen it and I still think it was the year's best picture. We all agreed that Steve Carell was robbed of an Oscar nomination and that this year's election is more stress than it's worth (something my friends at lunch agreed upon as well, though our political leanings cover a broad spectrum). But back to movies, here are photos from the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley's costume exhibit, including several Oscar nominees:

Kate Winslet's costume from the end of Finding Neverland by Alexandra Byrne.

Heath Ledger's costume from Casanova by Jenny Beavan, who won an Oscar for Mad Max: Fury Road the night we saw this exhibit.

Also by Beavan, Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law's costumes from Sherlock Holmes -- no, Cheryl and I were not actually groping them.

One of Scarlett Johansson's dresses from The Prestige, originally designed for a 1974 miniseries and also used on the London stage.

Two dresses from The Phantom of the Opera plus the undergarments that held their structure.

With Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow costume from Pirates of the Caribbean and Colin Farrell's John Smith costume from The New World.

Sandra Bullock's dress from In Love and War, Vanessa Redgrave's dress from Mrs. Dalloway, and Maggie Smith's dress from Gosford Park.

One more by Beavan: Anjelica Huston's costume from Ever After.

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