The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
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Poem for Tuesday

You Come To Me Quiet as Rain Not Yet Fallen
By Brian Patten

You come to me quiet as rain not yet fallen
Afraid of how you might fail yourself your
dress seven summers old is kept open
in memory of sex, smells warm, of boys,
and of the once long grass.
But we are colder now; we have not
Love’s first magic here. You come to me
Quiet as bulbs not yet broken
Out into sunlight.

The fear I see in your now lining face
Changes to puzzlement when my hands reach
For you as branches reach. Your dress
Does not fall easily, nor does your body
Sing of its own accord. What love added to
A common shape no longer seems a miracle.
You come to me with your age wrapped in excuses
And afraid of its silence.

Into the paradise our younger lives made of this bed and room
Has leaked the world and all its questioning
and now those shapes terrify us most
that remind us of our own. Easier now
to check longings and sentiment,
to pretend not to care overmuch,
you look out across the years, and you come to me
quiet as the last of our senses closing.


I discovered this poet because Paul Bettany mentioned in an interview that he's his favorite. Am now wildly in love with Paul Bettany over something other than his eyes, his voice and his more obvious assets.

Am rushing because vertigo66 and I are going to the movies and I desperately need to talk to ashinae first but I have to go shower. Hope everyone is having a good week. By definition this week had to be better than last week, and yesterday was very low-key, so am aiming for more of same!

Happy Birthday thalassatx and eligyah! And Happy Birthday LL, if you are reading this!

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