The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Sunday and Saturday Family

By Bernadette Mayer

abide with me
don’t ever abide
gimme anytime a pile
of leaf-hay across
the field underneath
the bright new blue
tractor pulling the tedder
which is the waffler or fluffer


I have a full house! Where unfortunately the air conditioning is not working, a situation that hopefully (BETTER) be remedied at 7 a.m. tomorrow which is the only time the guy could come, but I'll happily take it! We spent most of Saturday in Hanover visiting Paul's parents with Adam and Maddy, where after lunch we spent more than an hour Skyping with David and Maria, Jon and Brooke, and the family members at home -- practically a family reunion.

We came home in the late afternoon, did some chores, had dinner, and went to pick up Daniel from the airport. He was ravenous when he arrived, not having eaten for eight hours, so we stopped at Giant to get him some food and the rest of us some ice cream, getting home just in time to watch Michael Phelps' last race. Now we're watching some more Olympics and the cats are sniffing everything he brought from Seattle that smells new and interesting to them!


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