The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from Rehoboth Beach

A beach vacation day in a few photos with more to come when I have time to fiddle with pictures!

We got up and went to the beach to swim. The water wasn't quite as warm as late afternoon on Monday, but it was still a nice temperature and not at all crowded except with sand crabs and gulls.

After we showered and got Maddy out of bed, we drove into Rehoboth Beach with Christine for Nic-o-bolis at Nicola Pizza and a walk along the boardwalk.

The young people with iron stomachs went on various crazy rides that tossed them upside down while the older people watched and took photos!

We were too full for Thrasher's Fries or salt water taffy, but we stopped in several stores, including one of the many sea shell emporiums and a couple of cheap beach clothing shops.

We were thinking of going to Cape Henlopen State Park and headed to Lewes, where we saw the Kalmar Nyckel docked at the Cape May ferry launch. We got drinks there and decided we might be too fried for beach hiking to the World War II armaments, so instead we came back to Fenwick Island for dinner.

We met the Goldmans and Levines for Kohr Bros and conversation (and Pokemon for those who play at the ample Pokestops at Viking Golf). Afterward we walked along the beach, looking for ghost crabs and the nearly full moon, right over the Delaware-Maryland state line into Ocean City. Then we took Christine home and hung out with her parents for a little while.

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