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Poem for Thursday and University Move-In

Ode to Country Music
By Sandra Simonds

If I wasn’t such a deadbeat, I’d learn Greek.
    I wouldn’t write sonnets; I’d write epics
and odes. I’d love a man who was
    acceptable and conformed to every code.
I’d put together my desk and write my epic or ode
    at sunset over my suburb. How I would love my shrubs!
But all I do is listen to country (and the occasional Joni)
    and smoke. Judge me judge me
judge me. Oh I’ve been through the shallows.
     I shallow. I hope. I hole. I know
I wrote you the most brutal love poem that knows.


Adam has been successfully moved to College Park to begin his junior year of college, though it's going to take him five years to finish because he switched from finance to engineering so maybe I should just tell people his sophomore year to avoid confusion. He's living in the same complex where Daniel lived his junior and senior years, meaning there's a swimming pool, sand volleyball court, gym, print center, and he and his roommate share a big kitchen, washer/dryer, living/dining room, plus they each have their own bathrooms. It's like he's living in a very nice residential hotel.

Our other big event for Wednesday was taking Madeline to prepare for the job interview she had this evening, meaning she needed to have her nose ring replaced by a retainer, since piercings are against company policy, plus she needed to get new shoelaces and dress up for the interview, which was in the mall so went with her to get Starbucks first. She won't know whether she got the job for a couple of days but they kept her until the last round of a big group, which has to be good news! We've spent the evening watching the Orioles beat the Nationals, and now we're watching some seventh season Bones.

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