The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and Coastal Kayak

Landscape with Happily Ever After
By Lynn Melnick

Near midnight I’m held
hostage to the hazy upshot in the corner

velvet near a laced up tree and curious how I got here.

What a crowd! I think
and I think I should hoard my stash in my shoe.

Did you catch the census takers trying to autocorrect
the shelterbelt out of my history

when meanwhile

I’ve been fending off elements
since I first showed up at this latitude so

I don’t trust easy.

In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
you ask me outside

where the music dims
against the complicated bramble

and I love how the moon

is gilding the rusted basketball hoop in the driveway
and bouncing off the sheen of the rubber tree

and onto this fable
in a city that bleeds its saline soil

into another difficult year.


I had a lot of work to get done on Thursday, but I got two major long-distance phone calls that were awesome because I got to catch up with people, and now I'm not quite caught up with work but it's all good! Maddy was offered the job at ArcLight Cinemas for which she interviewed the day before last, which is great news -- in addition to it being a good job, with nice benefits and hours that will work better than retail since she'll also be taking classes soon, she'll be around people closer to her own age now that son and his friends are mostly away at college.

It wasn't as hot as it's been earlier in August, but it was very humid and sticky out late in the afternoon. I walked long enough to see some bunnies but not long enough to catch any exciting Pokemon (I mean, there was a big Spearow, but I need a couple more Slowpokes and a Rhyhorn to evolve, plus it would be awesome to find a Charmeleon and where have all the Digletts gone?). Right now there is apparently a moth inside the house, because the kittens are going crazy looking, but I don't see it anywhere. We also watched some Bones. At Coastal Kayak in Delaware:


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