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The Little Review

Poem for Sunday, National Gallery, Mystic Warriors

By Sidney Wade

The great blue
song of the earth
is sung in all
the best venues—
treetop, marsh,
desert, shore—
and on this spring
day in the wetlands
where, under
a late sun,
we stand alone
and in love
with each other
and the passing day
we watch a cormorant
whose eye is ringed
in blue diamonds,
a shimmering lure,
and we love this blue
and this dark bird
and this deepening sky
that pinks and hums
in the west, and then

the bird opens his beak
and flutters his throat
and the late
afternoon light
the inside tissue
of his mouth
which is as blue
as his ocular jewelry,
as blue as the bluest
ocean, as blue
as the sky in all
its depth, as blue
as the back of the small
and determined beetle
who struggles to roll
his enormous dung ball
in his own breeding bid
to enchant another
small blue miracle.


I got home quite late, so here is our day in photos!

After lunch at home, we went downtown with Madeline to the National Gallery of Art...

...where we saw the very enjoyable Hubert Robert exhibit (he did lots of Roman antiquities, architectural capriccio, ruins, and depictions of the aftermath of the French Revolution including the development of the Louvre Museum).

We also saw the outdoor works in the Sculpture Garden.

Then we went to visit Alice, Jeremy, and Avery (plus their bird and all their local Pokemon) at their new house.

We brought a picnic to Potomac Overlook Park...

...and Avery and I walked to the nature center, which has many turtles, snakes, and frogs, plus several Pokestops surrounding it.

Now we're home, somewhat overheated and very tired! More tomorrow!

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