The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from Crownsville

On Labor Day, Cheryl, Paul, Madeline, and I drove to College Park to pick up Adam and Christine, after which we continued on to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, where we met Denise and Annmarie. We all had various food on a stick for lunch, then the young people went to the joust and Shakespeare's Skum's Antony and Cleopatra while the older people went to Dangerslash, London Broil, and Shakespeare's Skum's Henry V.

We also met the King (that's two Henry VIIIs two days in a row!), shopped for trinkets, saw the elephant and ponies, listened to Wolgemut, and heard street musicians and Shakespeare. Eventually everyone headed off in their respective directions, we dropped Adam and Christine off back at school, Cheryl headed home, and Paul and I had dinner with Maddy before watching three seventh season Bones episodes. Here are some pics of us; faire pics from MD and PA during the week!


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