The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Wednesday and Maryland Renaissance Festival

There Is No Name Yet
By Dorothea Lasky

Until I find a name
I will not put it in the soul calculator
I will leave it free and open and unnamed
And not limit my expectations for the kind of person
That goes in one direction of the wind
I will keep all lines of the wind open
And place all my days free and empty
And re-envision what it means to be unencumbered
Or bereft
Not crying but the expanse of numbers
That go beyond the grave to what is left
And it may be true
I said it could be true
That the sunny days do stick to walls
And then enter you
It may be true that the purple bells do chime
Everyday you let them
It may be true that the sweet juice
I put across my lips would not be my last
But that the nights could get better and better
Until the evil is banished until the day
When the sun would crush it anyway
It was true without a set of things like letters
It was true the air was free and open
And I saw things as they were
Without violence
For the first time


I spent a lot of Tuesday catching up from my weekend -- work, laundry, food shopping (twice, first with Paul then Madeline), CVS, uploading photos, apologizing to cats for neglecting them, etc. The photo part was mostly in the evening while watching Bones -- end of the seventh season, start of the eighth, definitely appreciated the Gravedigger serial killer storyline more than this one.

Adam applied for an engineering scholarship in the spring which he found out on Tuesday that he's received -- the extra money will be nice, but the prestige, considering that he started out in the business school and had never taken a programming class till last year, is very impressive and I'm very proud! Here are some photos from the Maryland Renaissance Festival, snapshots from around the faire:

Street Shakespeare performance

Dangerslash whipping a pretzel from between his butt cheeks

London Broil juggling

Shakespeare's Skum's King Henry the Vee

On the Wheel of Death

The elephant ride that the fair really needs to stop sponsoring and raise money to send the animals to a sanctuary

Bunnies at Shorefire Pottery

In the church yard

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