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Greetings from Belltown

We had a great day in Seattle on Friday! Though we had plans to come visit Daniel for his birthday from the spring, it turned out to be Bring Your Parents To Work Day at Amazon, so after breakfast at the hotel, we met him at the Amazon campus and attended a welcome session, the "science fair" demonstrating many of the company's technological and interpersonal innovations, the roof decks with dog parks, live music, and views of the city, and the various buildings and courtyards where people work. You can see us in the second photo in this article!

Amazon arranged for parents to be able to eat in a number of local restaurants, so we had lunch at Cactus, which has phenomenal butternut squash enchiladas and store-made ginger soda. Then we went to Carkeek Park, which has a playground and creekside trails leading to a walkway over the railroad tracks to the beach on Puget Sound, where we saw ducks and gulls and cruise ships. Eventually we came back to Belltown to relax for a while, went out for Thai food at Ti 22 for dinner, and headed to Daniel's apartment to play Roll Through the Ages.

This is the welcome session at Take Your Parents To Work Day.

We visited Doppler's 17th-floor dog park...

...heard live music on the deck of Arizona...

...saw the fireplace on the main floor of Blackfoot...

...and saw drones among other technology at the Meeting science fair.

This is, in fact, an official photo taken by Usnaps in a booth at the science fair.

With Paul by Puget Sound...

...and with a whole bunch of gulls!

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