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Poem for Wednesday and Literary Kitsch

Sonnet CXLV
By William Shakespeare

Those lips that Love's own hand did make
Breathed forth the sound that said 'I hate'
To me that languish'd for her sake;
But when she saw my woeful state,
Straight in her heart did mercy come, 5
Chiding that tongue that ever sweet
Was used in giving gentle doom,
And taught it thus anew to greet:
'I hate' she alter'd with an end,
That follow'd it as gentle day 10
Doth follow night, who like a fiend
From heaven to hell is flown away;
    'I hate' from hate away she threw,
    And saved my life, saying 'not you.'


I'm writing this while watching the Orioles and Blue Jays in extra innings so I will be brief. It wasn't that exciting a day anyway; I did work and laundry and took Madeline to the Hot Topic in Gaithersburg so she could look at Halloween costumes (I behaved very well and did not buy the TARDIS dress or the Pokemon dress). She had a late afternoon appointment, so I dropped her off and came home to retrieve Paul.

Then we went back to get Maddy and all went to California Tortilla for National Taco Day. We did not watch one moment of the VP debate, though I understand that the RNC web site had declared Pence the clear winner an hour before it started, but keep talking about how Clinton's the crooked one. Here are some more photos from the Folger Library's Will & Jane: Shakespeare, Austen, and the Cult of Celebrity:

Darcy and Elizabeth as Barbies

Shakespeare deified

A lock of Jane Austen's hair and her ring which was once owned by Kelly Clarkson

Richard III miniatures starring famous actors

Fan fiction -- yes, that's what the museum placard says -- including Tom Stoppard's famous drama (Bridget Jones's Diary was included too)

Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet in a clip from Sense and Sensibility

Another angle of The Shirt along with the scene that made it famous

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