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Poem for Monday

Miriam's Cup
By Melenda Goldberg

And Miriam the prophetess
took a timbrel in her hand
and all the women went out after her
with timbrels and with dances.

Blessed are the women
who tear fruit from forbidden trees
who snatch up the branches struck by lightning
and play with fire.
Blessed are the teachers
who know that souls are not dead wood
who kindle them and set a generation ablaze.


Spent yesterday afternoon with my parents because my mother was stuck in the house cooking for Passover -- matzoh balls boiling and souffles in the oven -- we brought over Pirates of the Caribbean because my father had never seen it, and I sat there squeeing goofily over the amount of nautical stuff I picked up on this time that I'd noticed before reading O'Brian (I haven't watched POTC since M&C, which I now realize has been a silly oversight).

Also took a walk around our neighborhood and looked at everyone's early spring flowers; stupidly I did not bring the camera. But since the point of the walk was primarily for exercise, I suppose that if I'd been stopping to take pictures, I would have defeated the purpose. I'm not one who has to be reminded to take time to smell the flowers, but to get off my lazy butt in the first place.

Was planning to post some nice pre-Passover stuff and to have a nice pre-Passover morning at home with my kids, but have just been bitch-slapped by an online friend for the great crime of not noticing that she was no longer Away and failing to IM her. Why must everything be turned into a Major Fucking Crisis online? Do people in fandom so get off on histrionics that they can't be bothered having actual relationships with other fans?

Plus I hear it's the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide. On a happier note, it also is, or will be, the anniversary of the First Contact (if the Star Trek timeline has not been irrevocably rewritten by Enterprise). Happy belated birthday with apologies, unanon and widemouthfrog! In other happy news, there are Batman pictures at bale_daily! The movie may suck but he sure is lovely to look at. And for zasjah especially:

Cherry blossoms up close.

One DC daffodil...

...and another.

And a photo taken through the window of the car of the trees blossoming along the meridian on the way to my local shopping mall.

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