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Poem for Wednesday, Taron Egerton Movies, Homestead Halloween

How to Be a Lawyer
By Jordan Davis

My father taught me how to play the beer bottle. It was Schlitz, and I was three or four. "You tuck your lower lip under, then blow air over the top of the bottle." I produced a tone, and we laughed. He paused. "You can make a different sound if there's less in the bottle," he said, motioning for me to take a sip. I did, then blew another note. We laughed again.

"Do you want to learn something else? Here's how to be a lawyer. Raise one eyebrow." I did so. "Good. Now hold it for a few seconds, turn toward the jury, and say 'I see.'"


Extreme quickie -- Angela came over for dinner (Paul got us mostly Greek finger foods and appetizers) and we watched Eddie the Eagle and Kingsman: The Secret Service, neither of which she had seen before. It was a beautiful day and I took a long walk, partly to enjoy the fall weather and partly because Pokemon Go is having a Halloween event that filled my neighborhood with spooky Pokemon including the rare-around-here Cubone and Marowak. Here are some more Halloween-ish pictures from Homestead Farm. I hope the Cubs play better next game!


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