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The Little Review

Greetings from South Mountain

We got up early to take Maddy to a work meeting, then went to College Park to pick up Adam and Christine and spent all afternoon on the Museums by Candlelight tour through Frederick County, starting in Brunswick and ending at the South Mountain Creamery:

Maryland crab ornaments at Brunswick pop-up shops craft fair

Adam and Christine at Beans in the Belfry, where we had paninis and hot chocolate for lunch

Visiting the caboose at Brunswick's train station

At the South Mountain Heritage Society in the former Resurrection Reformed Church of Burkittsville

The Pomplitz and Rodewald pipe organ, built before 1860, is believed to be the oldest in the state of Maryland, and was played today

Young calves snuggled us at South Mountain Creamery

And chickens huddled together to avoid us

Photo by Christine, who had dinner with us at Not Your Average Joe's

We came home to pick up my parents, then went to Not Your Average Joe's in Kentlands to have dinner with the Helgesens (this time I remembered Kay's birthday present from October and she forgot mine). We took the kids back to College Park, and now we're watching SNL!

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