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Poem for Tuesday and Richmond Visit

Bird Left Behind
By Sophie Cabot Black

As for her, the circumstances must be ordinary
And so the return. Door unlocked. The path mowed
Right to the oiled gate; the pasture

Cleared of stone and alder. All untouched
Enough to enter. The man or woman
Off down the valley or working above

Treeline. No other sound but a few strays
Hurrying through the dusk as if the end
Will begin, certain and with nothing

More to say. She does not know she does not know.
Having come back to find her kind
And none being left she took herself up

Into a tree unclear what to do next save only
Sing the song she wanted sung back to her.


I am still hopelessly behind on everything from being out all weekend and half of Monday, but I did have a good day. I had coffee with Alice and was joined by Maddy for lunch with her at Noodles and Company. Then I tried to catch up on birthday correspondence while watching Sunday's Madam Secretary and Elementary (both very good), addressed and stamped holiday cards, started sorting photos from the weekend, folded the laundry, and shifted summer and winter clothes in my closet.

When we picked up Maddy from work after dinner, we swung through Cabin John Park and I caught one of the Santa hat Pikachus added today to Pokemon Go. Evening TV was of course the Baltimore-New England game, which started out terribly for the Ravens, then became a great second half that would have been improved if the Patriots had blown that final drive! Here are photos from Richmond on Sunday, including four from the state capitol building and four from Lewis Ginter's Gardenfest:


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