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Poem for Wednesday, ZooLights, Star Wars

A Woman's Place
By Carrie Fisher

A woman’s place is in the home
Seated by the telephone
Men sow their wild oats
And women are sown.


The parts of my day I spent with my family were lovely -- we worked together, had lunch together, and went to ZooLights at the National Zoo. It took us a while to park, but the weather was very warm from December and although it was crowded, it wasn't suffocating so the way it felt sometimes last year. We met Annmarie as planned plus my friend Hildy's family, including her kids and father, who'd been visiting earlier in the afternoon! We saw pandas, elephants, and many other outdoor animals with Annmarie, then the light displays as it got dark, after which we went to Paragon Thai for dinner; Paul, Adam, and I shared tofu dishes, all of which were great.

We've spent the evening watching Star Wars (fine, A New Hope) and then the Robot Chicken Star Wars collections to try to cheer me up. I didn't think it was possible that any celebrity death could upset me more than the one-two punch of Bowie and Rickman, but Carrie Fisher sure comes close. I was a Star Trek fan before I was a Star Wars fan, but Leia was my first warrior princess -- a woman who dressed initially like a girly girl yet could wield a weapon and order the guys around. And Fisher herself was one of the first famous Jewish women of whom I was aware, who was public about the various struggles that made her relatable and who could be hilarious about them. RIP.

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