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Poem for Thursday

Girl and Moon
By Hilary Holladay

She used to lie in bed and look up
at the huge spruce tree
that narrowed like a road
among the stars and moon
and see herself walking that blue path
into the summer night:

A little girl with tumbling hair,
barefoot and in pajamas,
who had come from pine cones,
trumpet vines,
midnight gleam of fireflies.
Her language was the language
of arrowhead and creek bed,
mole hole and snail trail.
She lived among bobwhites and blue jays,
traveling cats with gold coin eyes.
Mornings were spent hopscotching
from the hill of iris
to the valley of cosmos;
Afternoon brought thunderclouds,
rain through the screen, pure gray air.
Then came porch time,
laughter, good-cooking smells.

This is who she was
and where she was from,
and when she finally began her long walk
toward the milky wash of heaven,
she was calm and sure
of the new wonders awaiting her:
The echo of ancient trees.
The moon in her blood.
The sky in her soul.


thingsunseen posted this poem a couple of days ago, and I swiped it from her. *hugs*

mandc100: "Outlook", for the anachronism challenge.
wednesday100: "Poke", for the game challenge.

Am going out to lunch with beeej and perkypaduan which will hopefully clear the odd malaise I am feeling today despite the sun being out. I'm in the mood to wallow in an angst-free fluffy fandom for awhile...anyone know of any of those? Preferably relatively angst-free in terms of fandom drama as well as happy characters. Lately I feel like I'm being dragged down all the time, either by angsty fic or by some personality clash thing. But nothing that requires that I watch any more Wednesday night television than I already do.

From not_fledged_yet, who asked for PG Star Trek fic recommendations, making me discover to my horror that the vast majority of my bookmarks are for R/NC17 'shippy Trek:

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