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Poem for Sunday and Cavaillon Synagogue

Living With Pain
Attributed to Gui de Cavaillon
Translated by Meg Bogin

Good lady, it's your rank that makes me shudder,
your high birth that thwarts my good intent—
because of that alone I'm reticent.
You know I'd rather serve you as a brother
than do anything that would abuse you
(you see, I do know how to state my case).
If only deeds were messengers to you,
and you accepted them in wooing's place:
for noble deeds, as much as words, deserve your grace.


Our power came back on some time between 2 and 4 a.m. so we woke up with it working, which was lovely! But we still had to throw out a lot of what we had in the refrigerator, so we knew we had to go food shopping. We were going to go to the park at Lake Frank and then to Roots Market, but it was raining so hard that we skipped the park, and we stopped at Giant as well to get cat treats. I didn't get to walk until dinnertime when the rain finally let up. Our evening entertainment consisted of Doctor Who (good) and Class (not really doing it for me).

Here are some photos of Cavaillon Synagogue, which now also houses the Judeo-Comtadin Museum. The building's interior was designed by Catholic architects for the Jews who were allowed to live and worship in the region outside of the earlier ghettos, where they had been kept as an example of the miserable fate befalling all non-Christians, as long as they also went to church on Sundays. The dark lower room with the matzah oven was the women's worship space, while the rococo sanctuary above was reserved for men. I meant to post these for Passover but I forgot:

Seder plate

Matzah oven


Hanging menorah (can be turned into hanukkiah with addition of two lamps)

Chair for the Prophet Elijah (mounted near ceiling to represent his ascension)

Elevated bimah

Above the door

The street beyond

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