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Poem for Monday

Cors de chasse
By Guillaume Apollinaire

Notre histoire est noble et tragique
Comme le masque d’un tyran
Nul drame hasardeux ou magique
Aucun détail indifférent
Ne rend notre amour pathétique

Et Thomas de Quincey buvant
L’opium poison doux et chaste
À sa pauvre Anne allait rêvant
Passons passons puisque tout passe
Je me retournerai souvent

Les souvenirs sont cors de chasse
Dont meurt le bruit parmi le vent

And a feeble attempt at a translation:

Hunting Horns
By Guillaume Apollinaire

Our story is noble and tragic
As the mask of a tyrant
No perilous tale full of magic
No trivial, indifferent
Detail twists our romance pathetic

And Thomas de Quincey would drink
Poison opium sweet and chaste
As his poor Anne lost in a blink
Let us pass like all in haste
But I shall return often I think

Memories are hunting horns whose blasts
Among the wind fall extinct


My stomach is still not recovered from my migraine. This is very annoying. Also, I shall be ranting about work a great deal, as apparently three big fat articles a day is going to become the norm. This is way too damn much work for what they are paying me. It's less than $3 for much longer articles than I was getting $5 per for the brief insignificant Buzz at AnotherUniverse. Must reassess freelancing options or consider taking a job that actually requires going into an office for several hours a day.

One of the six herons fishing in the same area of the river at Great Falls yesterday.

And two more herons. These birds are quite spectacular in flight but I couldn't get my camera set quickly enough, as they move incredibly fast.

Geese by the C&O Canal barge, still raised off the water for the winter.

One of Jack and Stephen's cousins at Great Falls. Maybe this is Diana during her American sojourn.

Testudo Aubreii sunning himself on a rock in the canal.

I've no idea what kind of flowers these are but they were covering several of the trees by the water -- can anyone tell me?

And this is what my front yard looks like...well, there are also white ones and pink ones.

Gacked from office_ennui. Hey perkypaduan, does this mean you're coming over to spank me?

The exact moment at which you realise you realise you have wasted your time by egenerica
your name
the number of times a day you check your email
how many days a week do you wear black?
You will come to your senses onAugust 8, 2011
Becauseyour best friend will give you a good slap on the arse and tell you to lighten up. surprisingly, it will work.
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

The polls are now open! Go vote in the Fandom Escapist Election! Aubrey/Maturin is my ticket but really just about everything on there sounds better than what we have...

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