The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday, Blindspot, Lake Whetstone

If They Are a Silueta
By Melissa Buzzeo

after Ana Mendieta

If they are a silueta
But I can’t make out where one begins and

If in the breakdown of the body there
Is nothing but smoke

If I get inside it
And try and make love to what is there and
Not there
If I feel that it wants me anyway
But I am trying hard for it to not be an
It but a they them he she initials and stars


Friday was almost as rainy as Thursday. I got a bit more exercise because Alice came over late in the morning and we went to the mall, where we did some shopping and ate lunch at Cava though our original plan was only coffee and maybe a snack! I got a 60% off dress at The Gap and tried awesome Nest perfumes that are outside my price range!

After Alice went home, I did exciting things like folding laundry until it was time to go to my parents' for dinner, where my mother served us Greek food. In the evening we started to catch up on Blindspot, on which I keep losing the thread of the conspiracy but love the kick-ass women. Geese, turtles, and various birds at Lake Whetstone this month:









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