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Poem for Wednesday

From Lizards, Frogs and Polliwogs
By Douglas Florian

The Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Tomato eyes.
Catches flies.

Orange toes.
Loves to pose.

Matchstick legs.
Hatches from eggs.

Swallows bugs.
Lives on T-shirts and coffee mugs.

The Komodo Dragon

I am komodo.
I’m gruesome and gray-
The most massive lizard
That’s living today.
Birds and boars
For me are a meal,
Plus all those who don’t think
That dragons are real.

The Tortoise

I wear a helmet
On my back.
It’s hard
And guards
Me from attack.
And if I wheeze,
   Or sneeze,
      Or cough,
The shell I dwell in
Won’t fall off.
It’s glued without
A screw or mortise.
I’m born with it,
For I’m a tortoise.

The Chameleon

Chameleon, comedian,
We never know which skin you're in.
Sometimes you're yellow,
Then you're green,
Turquoise blue, or tangerine.
Chameleon, you're hard to find.
Comedian, make up your mind!

My son was doing a report on this poet for school, and I was so charmed I decided to post some of his poems, though they're really much better with the illustrations. Here is my son's brief biography:

"Douglas Florian was born in New York. When asked, 'What was your childhood like,' he replied in his own words, 'I grew up surrounded by landscapes, seascapes, and portraits covering the wall. You could always smell linseed oil in the nearby air.' He had great and challenging teachers when studying at Queens College and The School Of Visual Arts. The first book he ever wrote was called A Bird Can Fly, and he is still improving upon it today. His father is an artist who is still alive. Douglas himself is still a poet. Today he can be found living in New York and writing poems."

wednesday100: "Tracks", for the memory challenge. Really needed more than 100 words, but 100 words is all I ever allow myself in Smallville because I am so freakin' behind on the episodes and out of the fandom.

And now a whole bunch of links and spam. First, from embitca, and I don't know how I never saw this before but I am hugely grateful to her: "Thus Spake Maximus (Battle Royale: Crowe vs. Nietzsche)". Made me howl with self-conscious glee; oh, I do need my reality checks where celebrities are concerned.

Meanwhile musesfool posted a link to Playboy's Charisma Carpenter pictures, and I am ashamed of how pleased their sheer cheap commercial tawdriness makes me. I almost stopped watching Buffy because I hated her acting, I never started watching Angel because she was on the series, and I am far too gleeful that she has lived down to my lowest expectations, when if it was an actress I liked who had posed for Playboy I would probably be rationalizing her airbrushed, shaved, commodified use of her body as some sort of liberation. I suck.

So, some fic recs. First, Keiko's "More Certain in Affection", a M&C story not connected to her other M&C stories, Post Captain-era AU. It's full of little period detail, which is marvelous, but that's not what captures me about her writing. A decent number of people do O'Brian well stylistically, but she just writes these men with such a wealth of emotion, subtly yet directly expressed, with so much respect and affection. And she and I see the characters so similarly as well, glossing over the same things and highlighting the same characteristics...this one didn't make me cry the way "The Glass Portrait" did, but it's still wrenchingly lovely.

I am reading very little LOTRfic at the moment; am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it, distracted by the amount of angst and not even sure which characters really rouse my empathy at present. But I did read billthepony's "Fos Almir" and was just overwhelmed. I can't pretend to be an expert on Samwise Gamgee in fanfic but I can't imagine anyone writing him better than Bill.

And then I stumbled across ladyjaida's "It Must Be The Flu", in another fandom of which I only crawl around the very edges. It's Remus/Sirius dizzy fearful falling in love, one of those pieces that just made me smile for twenty minutes while I was eating breakfast, remembering it.

And, okay, I just had to post these, after I found that pic of Russell trying to smoke with his cigarette between his toes, because the parallels sprung to mind so strongly that I went hunting for the Knight's Tale screen cap just to look at the images side by side. Shall title the pair "Foot In Mouth Disease":

I'll stop now. Really I will. No, I swear. At least until next time.

Ahem! Also gacked from musesfool!

Life at Hogwarts
Full Wizard Name?
Favourite Teacher?
Animagus? TRUE
Wand Dragon Heartstring/Mahogany
Best Class... Potions
This person doesn't like you very much Reese Waterstone
This Marauder has a crush on you... Remus Lupin
Campatability with your Marauder... - 47%
This QuickKwiz by LiselleDeFontaine - Taken 767 Times.</a>

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