The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Sunday and Hanover Visit

By Timothy Steele

Our jet storms down the runway, tilts up, lifts:
We're airborne, and each second we see more—
Outlying hangars, wetlands with a pond
That flashes like sheened silver and, beyond,
An estuary and the frozen drifts
Of breakers wide and white along a shore.

One watches, cheek in palm. How little weight
The world has as it swiftly drops away!
How quietly the mind climbs to this height
As now, the seat-belt sign turned off, a flight
Attendant rises to negotiate
The steep aisle to a curtained service bay.


We spent most of Saturday in Hanover with Paul's parents and brother David, Maddy's father, whom we will see again tomorrow for lunch on our side of the MD-PA line this time. Other than bad traffic on the way north, we had a nice day: lunch at Lu Hibachi Buffet, walking around the Yesteryear Antique Center of Hanover, hanging out at their house looking at various family members' trip photos on the computer.

When eventually we got home, we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner while watching Doctor Who (too long a setup but great payoff) and Orphan Black (I love the Hendrixes so much). Adam will soon be on his way home from Greece, probably to his regret but we will be happy to see him. And I participated in a successful Pokemon Go raid and have three Pokemon in gyms at the moment! A few photos:







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