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Poem for Tuesday and YSL at VMFA

Ghosts and Fashion
By Elaine Equi

Although it no longer has a body
to cover out of a sense of decorum,

the ghost must still consider fashion—

must clothe its invisibility in something
if it is to “appear” in public.

Some traditional specters favor
the simple shroud—

a toga of ectoplasm
worn Isadora-Duncan-style
swirling around them.

While others opt for lightweight versions
of once familiar tee shirts and jeans.

Perhaps being thought-forms,
they can change their outfits instantly—

or if they were loved ones,
it is we who clothe them
like dolls from memory.


Happy Independence Day! I had lots of catch-up chores on Monday, though Adam worked from home and Paul only had to work half a day. So I don't have a lot to report -- laundry, shelves for the kids' bathroom, bank, food shopping, online stuff.

Here are some more photos from the VMFA's Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style exhibit -- designs for celebrities and movies, experiments in gender-swapping clothes, some designs adapted (or appropriated) from world cultures:









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