The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Wednesday, All Star Game, YSL in Richmond

The Curve
By Louis Phillips

Life throws you a curve,
Breaking so sharply,
That just before it crosses the plate,
You flinch, bend back.
You still have two strikes to go.
Next a change up or a slider.
Perhaps followed by high heat.
A 100 mph fastball.
Even if you know what pitch is coming,
You still can’t hit it out of the park.
Soon you are not allowed
Any more pitches. 3 strikes.
Return to the bench.
No sense hanging around.
You’re out. That’s it.


We're watching the extra-innings MLB All Star Game so I will keep this short. It was again an uneventful day -- chores at home in the morning, then some shopping in the afternoon, including a stop at Bagel City since it was a buy 12, get 2 free day.

We had rarebit for dinner and have been watching the AL mostly lead the NL, though not by much, while Adam worked on installing a new version of Ubuntu on his new laptop. Here are some more photos from the VMFA's Yves Saint Laurent retrospective:









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