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Poem for Monday

Simple Lyric
By Brian Patten

When I think of her sparkling face
And of her body that rocked this way and that,
When I think of her laughter,
Her jubilance that filled me,
It’s a wonder I’m not gone mad.

She is away and I cannot do what I want.
Other faces pale when I get close.
She is away and I cannot breathe her in.

The space her leaving has created
I have attempted to fill
With bodies that numbed upon touching,
Among them I expected her opposite,
And found only forgeries.

Her wholeness I know to be a fiction of my making,
Still I cannot dismiss the longing for her;
It is a craving for sensation new flesh
Cannot wholly calm or cancel,
It is perhaps for more than her.

At night above the parks the stars are swarming.
The streets are thick with nostalgia;
I move through senseless routine and insensitive chatter
As if her going did not matter.
She is away and I cannot breathe her in.
I am ill simply through wanting her.


ashinae and I were talking last night about movie spoilers that REALLY pissed us off.

ashinae: Wellington defeats Napoleon. "Oh, thanks for ruining the end of Sharpe for me!"
cruisedirector: Sounds like people complaining about the Troy spoilers.
ashinae: Maybe some people think that Troy is like Byzantine/Constantinople/Istanbul and has just had a name change instead of being levelled to the ground? Somebody put the info that Sean Bean will live through Troy behind a cut-tag for spoilers.
cruisedirector: Sean Bean LIVES!
ashinae: OMG you just ruined the ODYSSEY for me you bitch!
cruisedirector: LOL! Next you will tell me that Atlantis sank!
ashinae: "THE BOAT SINKS! OMG you just ruined the end of Titanic for me!"
cruisedirector: ...the Americans won the American Revolution? Well, now I don't have to see The Patriot, do I! Nor Cold Mountain, since someone told me there's been no slavery since the Civil War.
ashinae: The Last Temptation of Christ. The Bible tells us Jesus DIES.
cruisedirector: I'M SO PISSED! And my friend spoiled The Passion for me by telling me that Jesus gets NAILED TO A CROSS! And The Ten Commandments...whole list there.
ashinae: Master and Commander TOTALLY ruined any movie about Jonah and the Whale.
cruisedirector: Disney also TOTALLY RUINED Sleeping Beauty. That TITLE. I mean, we know what's going to happen to her!
ashinae: And let's NOT talk about English class and all those nasty Shakespeare spoilers.
cruisedirector: Yeah, Henry V really pissed me off. Pretty much gave away that Henry IV died.
ashinae: How DARE Shakespeare do such a thing.

Can anyone tell me when polar bears were discovered by Europeans, by any chance? (If it's any incentive, I need to know for smutty fanfic.)

I love my quiz at TrekToday this week, written with help from ashinae and apaulled. Who would make the best starship captain: Captain Ahab, Captain Nemo, Captain Sparrow, Captain Aubrey, Captain Hornblower, Captain Yossarian or Captain Kangaroo?

And Larry Wachowski is becoming a woman. I wonder whether this will improve the female characters in his movies.

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