The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from Los Angeles

Extreme quickie as we are paying Chickapig after a great day in L.A. starting with a tour of Paramount Studios, where we got to touch Star Trek props, see New York streets in L.A., walk through the Grace and Frankie and School of Rock sets, hear about parties in the parking lot that turns into a wave tank, and learn all about the history of RKO, Desilu, and the Paramount-CBS divorce.

We had lunch at Astro Burger, drove past the Hollywood sign into Griffith Park (though the observatory was too crowded to park and take photos), then went to visit the Foleys, with whom we hung out for a few hours and went out for deli at Weilers. We have to get up early to fly out -- Daniel to Seattle, the rest of us to D.C. -- so I promise more details on Paramount and photos tomorrow!









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