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Poem for Tuesday and Paramount History

Cleaning an Attic
By Brent Pallas

The day had finally come
when everything there

seemed misplaced or out of place
as an ex's box of things. The unused

beside the irreplaceable, the easy-
to-assemble uncomplicated now

by disuse. Some hand
of randomness leaving behind

its lampshades stained
like ancient maps, its ladders

still climbing upward, and enough
old tools to restart a world.

Every drawer filled
with the other half of things.

Everything care embraced,
and held once as new,

left too ragged for another winter
to wear. Its ring of keys

dangling by a nail
for rooms left long ago. And whatever

I said I'd never forget
found, just as it seemed

completely forgot—all its letters
beginning with Dear...


I had plans to get a whole bunch of household chores done on Monday, but they were postponed when Adam received a notification from the University of Maryland that his apartment had failed inspection and he had until tonight to get it clean. So even though the kitchen mess was almost entirely his ex-roommate's, we had to go to College Park to clean out his kitchen, meaning that half the stuff in the freezer had to be tossed, counters and dishes had to be cleaned, measuring cups had to be replaced, and noodles had to be stored in Adam's closet.

We were tired when we got home and had emails to answer, so we watched Man of Steel while we did those. Our neighbor who was our house- and cat-sitter while we were away stopped by to give the cats a present with an electronic tail, we had chick'n in peanut sauce for dinner, then we watched Suicide Squad, which was remarkably unimpressive; I will never understand what people see in Harley Quinn or The Joker apart from the fun of cosplaying as them. From Paramount Pictures, some more warehouse treasures and working studio sights:

Paramount Pictures Melrose Gate

Best Picture Oscar for Titanic

Lucille Ball's office from when this part of the lot was Desilu

School of Rock cast trailers

Katharine Hepburn's dressing room

The Six Million Dollar Man

Joachim Phoenix's throne from Gladiator

Special effects department

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