The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Sunday and Pismo Beach Shore

On A Play Twice Seen
By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Here in the figured dark I watch once more;
There with the curtain rolls a year away,
A year of years — There was an idle day
Of ours, when happy endings didn't bore
Our unfermented souls, and rocks held ore:
Your little face beside me, wide-eyed, gay,
Smiled its own repertoire, while the poor play
Reached me as a faint ripple reaches shore.

Yawning and wondering an evening through
I watch alone — and chatterings of course
Spoil the one scene which somehow did have charms;
You wept a bit, and I grew sad for you
Right there, where Mr. X defends divorce
And What's-Her-Name falls fainting in his arms.


After a quiet morning organizing and printing photos to take with us, we spent Saturday afternoon with Paul's parents in Thurmont, where we ate lunch at Simply Asia, watched wedding video and looked at California photos, then went out for ice cream and donuts for dessert though I was too full to eat either. They were sad not to have been at the wedding but happy to see pictures.

We got home in the early evening, swept the deck and did some cleanup in the backyard, watched some baseball and some football (yay Orioles, yay Nationals, LOL L.A. football), then watched several episodes of The Last Tycoon, which is excellent. Speaking of California pictures, here are some photos of the shore, pier, and boardwalk at Pismo Beach last week, which I already miss!









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