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Poem for Wednesday and Maryland Renfaire

Holy City
By Marjory Wentworth

"Only love can conquer hate."
--Reverend Clementa Pinckney

Let us gather and be
silent together like stones
glittering in sunlight

so bright it hurts our eyes
emptied of tears and searching
the sky for answers.

Let us be strangers
together as we gather
in circles wherever we meet,

to stand hand in hand and sing
hymns to the heavens and pray
for the fallen and speak their names:

Clementa, Cynthia, Tywanza,
Ethel, Sharonda, Daniel,
Myra, Susie and Depayne.

They are not alone. As bells
in the spires call across
the wounded Charleston sky,

we close our eyes and listen
to the same stillness ringing
in our hearts, holding onto

one another like brothers,
like sisters because we know
wherever there is love, there is God.


I was running around all day on Tuesday to get ready to go to Seattle -- had breakfast and took a walk in Cabin John Park with my friend Mel, took Adam's bike to the bike repair place, shopped in Congressional Plaza and had lunch at Lebanese Taverna while waiting for the bike which it turned out they could get fixed in a little over an hour, and went to the food store to make sure we had enough cat food for our house-and-cat-sitter to keep our cats from desperation. In between I did a successful Entei raid and caught a legendary fire dog.

We had sandwiches for dinner and I worked on laundry while the Twins played the Yankees in the first post-season game, which started so nicely and proceeded to become terrible (though my sister went to the game to root for the Yankees so maybe I shouldn't say that, heh). I went looking to see whether Yuri on Ice could be bought or downloaded from anywhere but thus far have only found sketchy off-market DVDs and questionable download sites, waah. Here are some more photos from the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Sunday:









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