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Poem for Friday, South Mountain Creamery, "Pria"

By Louise Bogan

I do not know where either of us can turn
Just at first, waking from the sleep of each other.
I do not know how we can bear
The river struck by the gold plummet of the moon,
Or many trees shaken together in the darkness.
We shall wish not to be alone
And that love were not dispersed and set free—
Though you defeat me,
And I be heavy upon you.

But like earth heaped over the heart
Is love grown perfect.
Like a shell over the beat of life
Is love perfect to the last.
So let it be the same
Whether we turn to the dark or to the kiss of another;
Let us know this for leavetaking,
That I may not be heavy upon you,
That you may blind me no more.


I am having a difficult, distressing week due to a critically ill relative and a bunch of plans that needed to be made and/or changed. A lot of my Friday involved shopping, laundry, and doing research online about places to stay and how to get places, though I did get to have milkshakes and fries with a friend from my Pokemon Go raiding group after an Entei raid.

I can't believe Kazuo Ishiguro won the Nobel Prize, considering that Never Let Me Go is one of the most overrated pieces of "literature" of this era. But The Orville! With Charlize Theron! An alternate theory to Voyager's about what happened to Amelia Earhart! Directed by Jonathan Frakes! I can't believe Seth MacFarlane made this show! From South Mountain Creamery:









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