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Poem for Tuesday and Brookside Chrysanthemums

I Could Ask, But I Think They Use Tweezers
By Aziza Barnes

the shoulder is       a complicated organ    femoral         artery
lymph   nodes tendons all those joints if      a bullet goes
thru you there’s also       the clothing       loh   yeah what did you
think      I mean if it’s just this       then that’s different but
if it’s      two layers of that   those are other impurities the
body            does it’s job just one
              function to release what can’t stay he walked into the
ER smiled         “I need a doctor      thanks
         man” blood stops moving to the big         towns the brain is
a big town the heart is a big town the kidneys are
         hot spots like Vegas built                 to handle
armies on vacation the blood learns   to bend another
way like the legs of a crane         they make bullets different
         now-a-days         in the         good-ole-days
         a bullet went in and out and           the holes matched
now a         .22         a .38      expands in the body
absorbs like a tampon         function      pull in all
life      he was ordering drive thru food         McDonalds
food not         really food maybe like      french fries maybe
like         a Sprite maybe like a #2
                  things that don’t feel like food in the
mornings down           the street from my house
         from his mama house a clog         at the 3rd counter this
guy has a gun a gun has               an
operation has composition is orchestra         is an organ of
some complication ephemeral
             the bullets are small a shoulder is
innocuous until you become a nurse the only
                  reason he died was speed and
proximity but if it’s a couple         layers of cloth well you
have to get that out too


Yeah, I know I promised yesterday that I would post more about Thor: Ragnarok today, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow because I ran late working on a computer project and watching the Green Bay-Detroit game. It wasn't an exciting day otherwise: some work, some laundry, two Suicune raids with friends, and lots of enjoyment of the continuing insane November weather in the 70s including a walk in Cabin John Park and a walk in the neighborhood.

I set up the Roku I bought weeks ago but hadn't gotten around yet to registering, but I didn't have time to play with the channels (recommendations for which ones have the best free stuff welcome) because Supergirl was on and fortunately this week involved lots of Supercorp and nobody praying to Kara as a god! Not loving the Alex storyline but I get that one of the actresses made it necessary. Here are some pics of the chrysanthemums at Brookside:








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