The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday, The Big Sick, Brookside Outside

By Thom Donovan

A more interpretable ark than this
Blood is song your party
Apprenticeship of what one can’t have
Changed to money usury and the
World what was worth having
Ends up broken yesterday’s news
Like the blue of earth
Seen from outside atmosphere like
An egg we must begin
Anything can be charged with value
Changed to money Madonna of
A different blue
Still there is not
Just failure and despair in this world
Corruption of the flesh, forgotten sex
Still blesses our other names.


On Wednesday I had a migraine due to the fact that I was being waterboarded, struggling to look away from a glaring light shone directly into my eyes, having my teeth submerged in freezing water, and suffering from implements of torture rattling my skull...yes, that's right, I went to the dentist. Every time I do, I remind myself that next time I need to find a dental office with old fashioned sinks and mouthwash and stabby metal picks instead of Waterpiks. Then six months pass and I forget. So a lot of Wednesday is kind of a blur.

I do remember being really happy about the election results in the morning, and I also remember hanging out on a street corner with my Pokemon Go friends after a Suicune raid, discussing the importance of Niantic's planned Harry Potter AR game Wizards Unite. In the evening, Rose visited the cats and watched the finale of Inspector Morse with us, then we watched The Big Sick, which is less funny and sadder than its previews but very well acted and enjoyable. Some color from Brookside last weekend, including a wedding:









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