The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Wednesday and Seaglass Carousel

By Jaya Savige

Dense night is a needs thing.

You were lured
     in a luminous canoe
said to have once ruled
     a lunar ocean.

     The 2 am soda pour
of stars is all but silent;
only listen — 

   sedater than a sauropod
     in the bone epics
it spills all the moon spice,

     releasing a sap odour
          that laces
     us to a vaster scale
          of road opus.

A carousel of oral cues,
these spinning sonic coins.

A slide show of old wishes.


I spent all of Tuesday morning and half the afternoon waiting for FedEx to deliver my new laptop, which looks awesome -- backlit keyboard, touchscreen, great touchpad, DVD burner, everything I wanted -- though I had so many things to download and install that I really can't comment on whether it does the biggest thing I needed, namely works a lot faster than my old one!

I only half paid attention to The Flash while trying to get Photoshop installed, though I did catch the "You're a wizard, Harry" joke; we watched some of Ken Burns' Baseball too. I'm still midway through trying to get Freemake installed and my Start Menu organized, so I will keep this short and give you a few Seaglass Carousel photos from New York!





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