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Poem for Tuesday and Golden Gardens Park

By The Autumn Sea
By Paul Hamilton Hayne

Fair as the dawn of the fairest day,
Sad as the evening's tender gray,
By the latest lustre of sunset kissed,
That wavers and wanes through an amber mist,
There cometh a dream of the past to me,
On the desert sands, by the autumn sea.

All heaven is wrapped in a mystic veil,
And the face of the ocean is dim and pale,
And there rises a wind front the chill northwest,
That seemeth the wail of a soul's unrest,
As the twilight falls, and the vapors flee
Far over the wastes of the autumn sea.

A single ship through the gloaming glides
Upborne on the swell of the seaward tides;
And above the gleam of her topmost spar
Are the virgin eyes of the vesper-star
That shine with an angel's ruth on me,
A hopeless waif, by the autumn sea.

The wings of the ghostly beach-birds gleam
Through the shimmering surf, and the curlew's scream
Falls faintly shrill from the darkening height;
The first weird sigh on the lips of Night
Breathes low through the sedge and the blasted tree,
With a murmur of doom, by the autumn sea.

Oh, sky-enshadowed and yearning main,
Your gloom but deepens this human pain;
Those waves seem big with a nameless care,
That sky is a type of the heart's despair,
As I linger and muse by the sombre lea,
And the night shades close on the autumn sea.


I had a nice day mostly hanging out with family -- did some work while Daniel and Maddy slept in, took them to meet Paul for lunch where he works, took them to A.C. Moore and Target so Daniel could get drawing supplies and Maddy could get vegan food, took Maddy to work and Daniel to my parents' to use their treadmill, then had dinner with Paul and Daniel and watched Avengers: Age of Ultron with them and Cheryl long distance. (I also squeezed a Tyranitar raid in the park in there, which Daniel understands because he's playing Ultra Sun and Moon.) Now we're watching the sad aftermath of the Seahawks-Falcons game, though I don't think Daniel is too devastated that Seattle lost! In the city's honor, here are some photos from our visit last month to Golden Gardens Park:









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