The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from Emmitsburg

Quickie as I'm writing this while playing Cards Against Humanity with my family, with the Gal Gadot SNL rerun on in the background, while eating discount turkey-shaped cake and Moose Tracks ice cream that Adam and Maddy went out to get. This morning we picked up my parents and drove to Thurmont to meet Paul's parents at Simply Asia, where we shared a lot of excellent Chinese food and half-watched the Michigan game.

We celebrated Cinda's birthday a week early and went to Emmitsburg Antique Mall to browse (we got a couple of glass paperweights and Erie-Lackawanna stock certificates) before dropping my parents off at their house and coming to our house to feed our starving cats. In even better news, I found a workaround for Windows repeatedly deleting my graphics driver! And I caught a Farfetch'd since the global Pokemon event got them released!





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