The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Sunday and Hillwood Holidays

the night begins with sugar
By Natasha Sajé

Salt Lake City

here in our state of yes and smug
crystalline over mountains and horizon melt
such pretty clouds such drifting light

who is it enough for what kind of person
lives in this sweetness this clear
beauty and does not utter a single oh or no

or even I my hand clapped over my mouth my tongue caught by
what’s left in the right hand the dominant and clenched
what’s right in the left hand easily tossed

catching instead malaise a coma of indifference
swirling in our stunning vestibule
mourning the self just getting by

in a theocracy of pretense and defense
here in my state of smog and so what


The ground was still icy when I woke up on Saturday, but it warmed up by lunchtime while I was at a Groudon raid with friends, so after we had some soup and cheese from South Mountain Creamery, we went to Hillwood to see the holiday decorations and the jewelry exhibit, Spectacular (which really should be named Ridiculous considering one woman owned all those insane-sized gems). There were lots of orchids on display in the house and Christmas trees based on specific necklaces and diadems in Marjorie Merriweather Post's collection:









We had tacos for dinner and watched most of the Kansas City-Los Angeles game, though when it became apparent that the Chargers were going to throw as many passes to the other team's players as their own, we put on Princess Margaret's wedding episode of The Crown (still pretty grim this season; even Prince Andrew's birth ends up being depressing). I got a Yuri on Ice charm bracelet for Chanukah with a little pork cutlet bowl and skate and poodle charms! Now we're watching the holiday episode of Saturday Night Live.

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