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Poem for Sunday and Snowy Saturday

December Snow
By Effie Waller Smith

The falling snow a stainless veil doth cast
Upon the relics of the dying year —
Dead leaves and withered flowers and stubble sere —
As if it would erase the faded past;
So on our lives does death descend at last,
Hiding youth's hopes and manhood's purpose clear,
And memories faint, to dreaming age most dear,
Beneath its silence, blank and white and vast.
The sun shines out, and lo! the meadows lone
Flash into sudden splendor, strangely bright,
More fair than summer landscape ever shone;
Thus, gleaming through the storm clouds faith's clear light
Transforms death's endless waste of silence white
To beauty passing all that life has known.


It snowed overnight Saturday, so while Adam was enjoying warm weather in Haifa, we were slugs and watched bowl games. We went out for a while in the afternoon because it was the last day I could use my Krispy Kreme free donut-and-coffee (well, hot chocolate) birthday coupon, and we stopped at the food store, but it was a fairly quiet snow day.

Having watched our low-quality Die Hard DVD on Christmas Eve, we decided to get all the movies on Blu-Ray with holiday gift cards, so we watched Die Harder after dinner. I haven't seen it in ages and I still don't like it as much as the original and Die Hard with a Vengeance but it was fun to see Willis and Sadler so young. Happy last day of 2017!








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