The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from Maryland

Saturday was very, very cold. Paul had no desire to be out walking in the weather, so I only ventured out when I had places I needed to be or Sevipers I needed to catch. We watched North Dakota State beat JMU in the FCS Championship and Tennessee beat Kansas City in their NFL wild card game, though I was doing other things while sports was on, and Maddy was in and out. After dinner we went to pick up Daniel from National Harbor and hung out watching the Atlanta-L.A. game. A few pics:

A squirrel in the sun on the deck waiting for birds to knock seed out of the feeder so he can eat it.

Effie keeping warm on my bed after I got up. (It is hard to make the bed at this time of year due to cats.)

A necklace I made while watching football out of furnace glass beads because I saw that such necklaces sell for $40-50 but the component beads sell for $7-8 and stringing beads is one thing I can do.

National Harbor lit up at night as we went to pick up Daniel from MAGFest.

Doctor Who and Pokemon souvenirs that Daniel brought me from MAGFest. He got himself some video game art.

Katniss was happy to have Daniel home to watch the Falcons-Rams game with her.

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