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Poem for Monday, Cabin John Park, SAG Awards

"I'm Rooting for Everybody Black"
By Cortney Lamar Charleston

For Issa Rae

Everybody Black is my hometown team. Everybody Black
dropped the hottest album of the year, easy. Everybody Black
is in this show, so I'm watching. Everybody Black is in this movie,
so I'm watching. Everybody Black wore it better, tell the truth.
Everybody Black's new book was beautiful. How you don’t
know about Everybody Black?! Everybody Black mad
underrated. Everybody Black remind me of someone I know.
I love seeing Everybody Black succeed. I hope Everybody Black
get elected. Everybody Black deserves the promotion more than
anybody. I want Everybody Black to find somebody special.
Everybody Black is good peoples. Everybody Black been through
some things. Everybody Black don’t get the credit they’re due. I met
Everybody Black once and they were super chill and down-to-earth.
I believe in Everybody Black. There’s something about Everybody Black.


"When director, producer, screenwriter, and actress Issa Rae strolled down the red carpet at the Emmy Awards and told the world she was 'rooting for everybody Black' to win that night, I hollered from the rooftops before subsequently entering a very anxious space," Charleston told "What looks like unabashed racial pride to others is exactly that, but it's also a reaction to how unabashed racial pride in others has ravaged Black communities, and yet here we are...this is what the poem celebrates, what it roots for and is rooted in."

We had some chores to do that certain members of the family wanted to finish before the Patriots game, so we had a fairly quiet Sunday. We went to Cabin John Park to take a walk, stopped at the food store and deli, and I did a Kyogre raid at Adam's and my high school with raiding friends (and caught it!). It was a lot warmer this weekend than last, so we saw lots of squirrels and birds. Then we put on the New England-Jacksonville game, which my parents were also watching so they invited us over for pizza.






We started watching the Philly-Minnesota game, but it was already obvious by the start of the SAG Awards that the Vikings weren't all there, so we watched the whole awards show, which had no horrible surprises and was lower-key and warmer than the Golden Globes politically. Sterling K. Brown kind of makes me want to watch This Is Us, though I snickered when Megan Mullally and Gina Rodriguez praised diversity on TV before introducing the five white men nominated for best actor on a miniseries. Go Gary, go Morgan!

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