The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday and Winter Friday

By Nate Klug

Talk to you tonight,
I wrote this morning, knowing
it would only be the afternoon
where you are, will be,
whole neighborhood still
wrapped in a tule fog
that won’t let up—so you reported
before supper
while I slept.
I almost wrote this afternoon
instead, taking your point
of view, dissolving into it—
but then imagined
you half-awake, and irked,
into my future/current noon
texting for clarification.


Distracted again -- opening ceremonies. My day in a nutshell: Alice came to pick up Maddy to get pedicures, I did work for a bit, went to meet them for coffee afterward, stopped in CVS and Giant, Adam's great childhood friend Daniel W stopped by to get his gloves because they are skiing together in Pennsylvania for a couple of days, the rest of the Gen 3 Pokemon were released so I timed my walk in the park to catch some with raiding friends, saw the sunset, went to dinner with parents and Maddy, and here we are watching Colbert till I can switch to see Alice Merton on Fallon!




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