The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Monday and Great Falls Walk

Argyle on Knocknagaroon
By Thomas P. Lynch

Because he barely heard the voice of God
above the hum of other choristers—
batwing and bird-whistle, gathering thunder,
the hiss of tides retreating, children, cattle;
because he could not readily discern
the plan Whoever Is In Charge Here has,
he wondered about those who claimed to have
blessed assurances or certainty:
a One and Only Way and Truth and Life,
as if Whatever Breathes in Everything
mightn’t speak in every wondrous tongue;
as if, of all creations, only one
made any sense. It made no sense to him.
Hunger he understood, touch, desire.
He knew the tenderness humans could do,
no less brutalities. He knew the cold
morning, the broad meadow, the gold sunset.
One evening on the hill of Knocknagaroon,
the Atlantic on one side, the Shannon
on the other, the narrowing headlands
of the peninsula out behind him,
the broad green palm of Moveen before him,
it seemed he occupied the hand of God:
open, upturned, outstretched, uplifting him.


Unexpectedly, we got to spend a bit of Sunday with Adam, who came back to the house to sleep after 2 a.m. last night since he was nearby with Daniel W who has now gone back to Oklahoma. Adam didn't get up till after noon, but he stayed for lunch and we took a walk at Great Falls since the pouring rain had stopped and it was 65 glorious degrees.







Then Adam went to meet friends from work and we went to the food store, plus I did a couple of Rayquaza raids at the mall and the park so I finally have one! Now we're watching the team skating competition; Nagasu and Rippon are lovely and Virtue and Moir are fantastic, but I can't stop thinking about how much I love Kana Muramoto's cherry blossom dress.

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