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Poem for Wednesday, Longwood Orchids, Thor: The Dark World

By Barbara Guest

In the past we listened to photographs. They heard our voice speak.
Alive, active. What had been distance was memory. Dusk came,
Pushed us forward, emptying the laboratory each night undisturbed by

      In the city of X, they lived together. Always morose, her lips
soothed him. The piano was arranged in the old manner, light entered the
window, street lamps at the single tree.

      Emotion evoked by a single light on a subject is not transferable to
photographs of the improved city. The camera, once
commented freely amid rivering and lost gutters of treeless parks or avenue.
The old camera refused to penetrate the unknown. Its heart was soft,

      Now distributed is photography of new government building. We are
forbidden to observe despair silent in old photographs.


I spent a ridiculous amount of Tuesday working on a Shutterfly photo book to be bought with a coupon that was about to expire, due to two glitches in the site (note: if you use Shutterfly, for the love of all that is holy, upload your photos to an album before putting a book together rather than trusting the upload button within the pop-up where you choose your photos, because if you try to upload more than a couple, it freezes and crashes and even the chat help person admitted it). In good news, I conveyed my irritation so effectively that she gave me free shipping, so although it took half the afternoon, I am getting my book for no money whatsoever.

Maddy was out looking at apartments almost all day. In MCU marathon news, Paul, Cheryl, and I watched Thor: The Dark World, which I tend to think of as having a pretty dumb plot and not being very good, but the Thunderfrost scenes are so good that they make up for pretty much everything, and I watched all the extras I never saw before, including the Mandarin actor one-shot, the two-part feature on Thor and Loki across three films, the gag reel, and (though I had seen it before) the clip of Tom Hiddleston playing Loki playing Captain America. Here are some photos from Longwood Gardens' orchid extravaganza earlier this year:









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