The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Haiku for Saturday, Saraceno, Orioles, Thor: Ragnarok

Baseball Haiku
Edited by Nanae Tamura

The pitch delivered,
Wild swing that hits only air,
Strike three, batter's out.


Watching Orioles-Yankees in the top of the 14th after missing the middle of the game so Paul, Cheryl, and I could watch Thor: Ragnarok (still the best thing ever to happen to me in the MCU) after the former and I got back from dinner at my parents on this gorgeous 70-degree Friday. Nice day to be in the park, laundry still not folded, here is one leftover photo from the Baltimore Museum of Art's Saraceno exhibit, more tomorrow when I could conceivably be stuck home in snow!


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