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Poem for Thursday and Kenwood in Bloom

Untitled Shaman Song
By Uvavnuk
Translated by Jane Hirshfield

The great sea
frees me, moves me,
as a strong river carries a weed.
Earth and her strong winds
move me, take me away,
and my soul is swept up in joy.


Wednesday was a spectacularly gorgeous day and I got pretty much no work done! After skimming my morning email and deciding I absolutely could not deal with the news (and that was before the Ryan and Boehner stuff, when it was only Trump declaring World War III on Twitter), I went an hour early to meet Kay for lunch so I could walk around Washingtonian Lake. We ate at Tara Thai, talked for a long time, she gave me a pair of super-sparkly earrings made from fishing lures as a belated birthday present, then I stopped in Charming Charlie to look at the BOGO clearance stuff, and on my way out I bumped into several members of my Pokemon raiding group looking for Magikarp so I went to a Lapras raid and walked around the lake with them.

I had good news for Paul: I won tickets for us to see Rick Astley next week downtown! He went into work and came home early so we could go to Bethesda to walk around the Kenwood cherry blossoms, which are near peak and look gorgeous, plus there are lots of tulips and forsythia and we saw a bunny. Since we were right nearby, we stopped at Whole Foods and had Ledo's Pizza for dinner. Then we came home and watched X2 with Cheryl, which I remembered very little, or at least what I thought I remembered were things that actually happened in later movies (and really a movie that's more than two hours long should have more character development). Now I'm getting the news filtered by Noah and Colbert -- so much for my good day!


2018-04-11 17.27.13






2018-04-11 17.03.59

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