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Poem for Friday, Cabin John Woodpecker, X-Men: The Last Stand

The Woodpecker Keeps Returning
By Jane Hirshfield

The woodpecker keeps returning
to drill the house wall.
Put a pie plate over one place, he chooses another.

There is nothing good to eat there:
he has found in the house
a resonant billboard to post his intentions,
his voluble strength as provider.

But where is the female he drums for? Where?

I ask this, who am myself the ruined siding,
the handsome red-capped bird, the missing mate.


Thursday, finally, felt like spring, though we have been warned that the temperatures will be back in the 40s soon -- it was around 70 and sunny. I had some writing to get done, then after lunch I went to the park to enjoy it! Not only did I get to see woodpeckers, robins, finches, sparrows, crows, and lots of flowering trees and ground cover, but I finished the Pokemon Go special research quest (with some help from a friend I ran into in the park who can throw an excellent curveball far more consistently than myself) and now I have a Mew!

2018-04-12 16.43.58

2018-04-12 17.31.25A

2018-04-12 17.18.40A

2018-04-12 17.24.56A

2018-04-12 17.12.45A

2018-04-12 17.31.23A

2018-04-12 13.40.37

Paul and I had Thai food for dinner since Songkran is starting soon, then we watched X-Men: The Last Stand with Cheryl. I know a lot of people think this one is the worst of the original trilogy but I actually remembered the details of it a lot better than X2 (in fact I don't think I could pass a quiz on X2 and I just watched it last night). I like how much of it is about Jean, Ororo, and Marie, and I don't think I ever saw the post-credits scene before though I knew what happened in it, so that was fun!

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