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Poem for Tuesday, Logan, Meadowlark Gardens Animals

Green Heron in Rain
By Larry Schug

The light’s not right, too much glare
for a photo through the rain-streaked window,
and not being a painter or sketcher
I turn to words to capture and convey
the image of a solitary green heron,
its rusty breast, pointed crest, stiletto beak,
preening gray/green feathers worn like a cape;
gripping a branch of a fallen aspen
with long feet, orange as its legs.
The steel gray pond bubbles and ripples in the rain,
backdrop of shimmering quicksilver,
a scene that could move an agnostic soul
to believe in the hand of some god,
with no religion to muddy the image, within or without.


Rush job while watching a whole bunch of Avengers on Jimmy Kimmel Live (that is going to be a theme this week) after going out to dinner at Lebanese Taverna with Paul, Karen, Jim, Angela, Lena, and Carrie. My day wasn't exciting anyway; morning work and chores, two lunchtime Pokemon raids at Park Potomac since they were on the way to Walgreens and I needed to go there anyway for hair stuff CVS doesn't carry, afternoon work and chores, then Paul came home and we went out to meet everyone for dinner.

We missed a chunk of Supergirl but I'm not very sorry, then we watched Logan with Cheryl -- sad, but a really terrific film -- which brings us to the end of our X-Men viewing till Deadpool 2 arrives, woe! Though we will probably rewatch the Fantastic Four movies next to see if they're as bad as we seem to remember (I remember liking Chris Evans, Ioan Gruffudd, and Jessica Alba, so how bad can they be, really). From Meadowlark Gardens yesterday, here are some of the animals out enjoying the spring weather!









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