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Poem for Friday, Rockville and Gaithersburg Goslings, Thor Ragnarok

Final Farewell
By Tom Clark

Great moment in Blade Runner where Roy
Batty is expiring, and talks
about how everything
he’s seen will die with him —
ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion,
sea-beams glittering before
the Tannhauser Gates.

Memory is like molten gold
burning its way through the skin
it stops there.
There is no transfer.
Nothing I have seen
will be remembered
beyond me.
That merciful cleaning
of the windows of creation
will be an excellent thing
my interests notwithstanding.

But then again I’ve never been
near Orion, or the Tannhauser

I’ve only been here.


It was Take Your Child To Work day on Thursday, which I took as a good enough excuse to go meet Paul at his office because he had spotted goslings around the pond in back and I wanted to see them! We took a nice walk around the water and saw flowers, koi, and a frog as well before he had to go back to work. Then I went to stop at Target for a couple of things and walked around Lake Washingtonian, where there were at least 18 goslings in a big group with 6-8 adult Canada geese! Four in Rockville, four in Gaithersburg:




2018-04-26 12.38.54




2018-04-26 15.59.19

I did a quick Pokemon raid at Cabin John Park and we had tacos for dinner. On Friday afternoon I'm going to see Avengers: Infinity War with Paul and Cheryl, so I really needed to see Thor: Ragnarok again one more time because there's pretty much nothing in that movie that doesn't give me joy, and I'm happy to have a conversation about congnitive recalibration and "YES! That's how it feels!" with anyone going on about how mean Thor was to Loki; I'm far more worried about how the Russos may have treated him.

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