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Poem for Saturday and Infinity War

The James Bond Movie
By May Swenson

The popcorn is greasy,
and I forgot to bring a
Kleenex. A pill that’s a
bomb inside the stomach
of a man inside The
Embassy blows up. Eruc-
tations of flame, luxur-
ious cauliflowers gigan-
ticize into motion. The
entire 29-ft. screen is
orange, is crackling
flesh and brick bursting,
blackening, smithereened.
I unwrap a Dentyne and,
while jouncing my teeth
in rubber tongue-smart-
ing clove, try with the
2-inch-wide paper to
blot butter off my fingers. A bubble-
bath, room-sized, in which 14 girls,
delectable and sexless, twist-
topped Creamy Freezes (their
blond, red, brown, pinkish, lav-
endar or silver wiglets all screw-
ed that high, and varnished),
scrub-tickle a lone male,
whose chest has just the
right amount and distribu-
tion of not too curly
hair. He’s nervously
pretending to defend
his modesty. His
crotch, below the
waterline, is
also below the
frame—but unsubmerged
all 28 slick foamy boobs.
Their makeup fails to let
the girls look naked.
Caterpillar lashes, black
and thick, lush lips
glossed pink like the gum
I pop and chew. Contacts
on the eyes that are
mostly blue, they’re
nose-perfect replicas of
each other. I’ve got
most of the grease off and
on to this little square
of paper. I’m folding it
now, making creases with
my nails.


Cheryl came to visit me on Friday so we could go see Avengers: Infinity War together! Though first we went out for bagels, them came back home and watched 12 Strong (because Chris Hemsworth) and some Detective Loki to see whether the latter was any good but it was hard to follow even by anime non-linear storytelling standards.

When Paul came home, we went to the movies! I wrote a spoiler post on LiveJournal because I assume people reading this may not have seen it yet (I liked but didn't adore it; it's a hard movie to love, and even given that this is a comic book universe, there are elements I struggle to reconcile, though my love for pretty much all these characters is pretty much undiminished).

Afterward we ordered pizza and took a walk to see bunnies while waiting for it to arrive, then after Cheryl went home we caught up on Timeless. I am still processing what happened to the MCU so will probably have more to say about it in the days ahead. In the meantime I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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