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Poem for Tuesday, Infinity War, Montgomery in Bloom

Life's Ironies
By Jane Miller

Life’s ironies irritate my afternoon hours like wool. One, I’m in a foreign country in my own head; two, I’m sometimes lonely living with two women; three, people are having sex in shop windows but we haven’t made love in weeks; four, the more Alexis smokes, the better her singing voice; the more I clean up, the more I feel like Alexis’ ashtray; the more I read, the more I lose my place. Unsettled, I get hungry, and remember pears and young Gouda in the refrigerator. I throw down my books. Ironically, given their status as objects, the red pear and the pale cheese are breathing furiously, inhabiting the world I left. All told, the pear is a great relief, luxuriating on a plate as blue as the Dutch flag, with the pungent Gouda such a pure moment of pale yellow!


I was stuck at home without a car on Monday, so when Maddy announced that, since it was her day off, she was going to see Avengers: Infinity War with a friend and invited me to come, what could I do but offer to share an Uber and go to the movie with her? I think I actually enjoyed it more this time, since I was listening more closely to specific scenes to hear exactly what was said and just not thinking about the things they really better fix by the sequel (and I don't mean any particular character's fate, I mean things like how many women are defined only in relation to men and how some dialogue had better hold secret meanings because otherwise it's just awkward). Plus the mall is still decorated for spring!

2018-04-20 11.59.27

2018-04-20 11.58.51

2018-04-20 12.04.31

2018-04-20 12.00.01

2018-04-20 12.01.36

2018-04-20 12.00.35

2018-04-20 12.02.24

2018-04-20 11.59.39

Maddy and I went to Cava after the movie because we were hungry and stopped in a couple of stores, then she went to meet friends and I waited for Paul, who picked me up so we could go retrieve his car. We stopped at home to drop off a vehicle, fed the cats, ran out to the food store, and came home for dinner, after which we were a bit late starting Supergirl but that didn't get really interesting until the end of the episode anyway. Then, belatedly, we started watching this season's Billions, on which the marriages are still dysfunctional and the egos are still massive, but especially after having met Ben Shenkman in a Brooklyn pizza parlor last year, how could we not see what the characters have been up to?

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